Bob Mahoney Offers Excavation Services & More in Spring Grove IL

Residents of the Spring Grove, Illinois area who are searching for the right company to help them with excavation services are in luck. Not only does Bob Mahoney Excavating Inc. offer leading excavation services, but we also offer customers services that go above and beyond just excavation. We work with residential, commercial, and industrial clientele,…

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Land Clearing Services: What To Know

Excavating in progress in Woodstock, IL

What Is Land Clearing? Land clearing, also known as lot or brush removal, is the service of removing trees, tree stumps, rocks, boulders and debris from a property for the purposes of property improvement or early preparation for land development. Why Is It Important for Development? Oftentimes, the question of what exactly land clearing is…

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Bob Mahoney is the Right Contractor for Excavation Services in Delavan, WI

No matter the size of your next excavating project in Delavan, Wisconsin, you’re going to need a contractor with experience and skill. However, finding one of these rare contractors who have the industry know-how and reliability isn’t simple. At Bob Mahoney Excavating, we’ve built our business on long-lasting relationships while upholding a stellar reputation. In…

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Demolition Services: Why Bob Mahoney Excavating?


Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever. This rule extends to all things in life, even buildings, and there comes a time when every building simply has run its course. When a building has run its course, it isn’t fit for use anymore. Whether it’s a house, an apartment, or a commercial space, hanging onto a property past…

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Important Ground Rules For New Home Excavation

excavation work being done on construction site

When it comes to building a new home, excavation is one of the first and most important parts of the construction process. Every structure needs a solid foundation, and without proper excavation, your new home will stand on shaky, unstable ground.

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Earth Cutting and Filling: Its Purpose in Construction

An excavator being used for land grading

On construction sites with large differences in elevation, ‘cutting and filling’ is the grading technique that’s typically used. Now, while the underlying concept of cutting and filling is quite simple, executing the process requires precise calculation and a level of expertise that only a highly experienced grading contractor, such as Bob Mahoney, has. Over the…

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