Demolition Contractor in McHenry County, IL

Before you begin the construction of your dream home or new office building, make sure the ground you want to build on is clear. Contact Bob Mahoney Excavating, Inc. if you’re looking for land clearing, excavation, grading, and demolition services in McHenry County, IL. We can prepare your land so that it’s ready for your construction project.

What We Offer

Bob Mahoney Excavating, Inc., offers demolition, land clearing, and excavation services. We can take down any building in the way of your new structure and make sure you won’t run into any buried debris or rubble when you begin to build. We complete our projects on time so that you can begin construction as soon as possible. We want to give you the result you want on the schedule you need.

All of our services are affordable and efficient. You can get an expert land clearing, excavation, and demolition contractor that stays within your project budget.

Who We Are

After 25 years of serving McHenry County, IL, we know how to get the job done right the first time. We are thorough and dedicated to our client’s satisfaction. We will even give you a free project estimate before we begin so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Call us today at (847) 489-3153 for an experienced land clearing, excavation, and demolition contractor on your next project. We are a top choice contractor with years of experience and dependability.