Land Clearing Services: What To Know

What Is Land Clearing?

Land clearing, also known as lot or brush removal, is the service of removing trees, tree stumps, rocks, boulders and debris from a property for the purposes of property improvement or early preparation for land development.

Why Is It Important for Development?

Oftentimes, the question of what exactly land clearing is comes up as the demand for this service rises in rural and urban areas of Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin. An attractive plot of land may not be living up to its maximum potential because of thick tree cover and an abundance of weeds.

That is where land clearing would come in. Land clearing is the clearing and preparation of a parcel of land so that it can be maximized.

A professional company in this industry would optimize the land by getting rid of overgrowth, removing trees and stumps, extract any obtrusive objects like rocks or pipes, and then get the site ready for development, whether residential or commercial.

Who Could Use Land Clearing?

There are several reasons why Land Clearing is needed. For starters, it creates room for residential and commercial growth. If you are a homeowner, landing clearing helps you find a way to use aspects of your property that were previously off-limits due to tree, weed, or rock growth.

The initial stages of a construction project typically require cleared land. Then, a foundation can be built on stable ground. In some cases, an old building must be demolished to make room for the new one, and in this case, a land clearing company must professionally clear the land to prepare it for new development.
In the case of farmers, land clearing is often used to prepare land for crops. This is done by getting rid of objects in the ground, like brush, trees, stumps, holes, and rocks to make room for crops.

With a professional demolition service, the job will get done risk-free by an experienced team who will make sure they don’t leave your property in a dangerous condition. When it comes to land clearing and preparation, the first name in the industry that should come to mind is Bob Mahoney Excavation Inc.

Who To Call for Land Clearing Services in Northern Illinois and Southeastern Wisconsin

At Bob Mahoney’s Land Clearing Services, we ensure that responsible land development includes attention to local regulations as well as standards that are used to comply with native conditions. Call us today at (847) 489-3153 to schedule your next professional land clearing service.

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