Commercial Demolition Tips from the Pros at Bob Mahoney Excavating

Tearing down a structure requires in-depth research and proper, careful execution. It’s critical for demolition contractors to prioritize the safety of their employees and the environment, or they run the risk of getting stripped of their business licenses.


Moreover, just like general contractors, demolition experts need to adhere to employee safety standards that have been set by OSHA. They also have to remain compliant with EPA standards regarding the use of environmentally-friendly deconstruction methods.

Here at Bob Mahoney Excavating, we’re not only focused on meeting government standards, but we strive to exceed them by searching for innovative and eco-friendly demolition techniques. Here are a few tips from our experts on how demolition projects can be made safer, more efficient, and friendlier to the environment.

Limiting Exposure to Harmful Substances

Here at Bob Mahoney Excavating, we’re fully aware of the health and safety hazards associated with asbestos, lead, and other toxic materials involved in demolition projects. The first step in any demolition project should always be to inspect the structure for noxious materials such as:

  • Synthetic mineral fibers
  • Formaldehyde (typically contained in wood dust)
  • Lead paint

These are just some of the materials that you need to monitor and prepare for before starting demolition work.

Fall Protection

Since demolition is primarily about tearing things down and creating holes, ensuring proper fall protection should be among the top priorities. At Bob Mahoney, whenever we’re working around an open wall, hole, or an open roof with a fall of more than six feet, we ensure our workers are wearing full-body restraints.

The same hazards are also present throughout the different phases of construction, which makes fall protection an essential consideration for builders as well.


Green demolition contractors, such as Bob Mahoney, are fully aware of what materials can be salvaged and recycled from defunct structures. This information can be extremely useful if the client is interested in replacing the structure with a new building project. It can save them a significant amount of money in material purchases. From what we’ve learned from our experience, the following materials can be effectively recycled upon demolition:

  • Concrete
  • Steel
  • Wood interior doors and beams
  • Sinks and toilets

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