Soil Erosion: A Guide

What is Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is something that occurs naturally. It happens over time as the top layer of soil slowly erodes and is stripped away. It is a form of soil degradation that impacts all landforms. While it is inevitable if left unchecked, soil erosion isn’t necessarily something that has to happen to your property if the proper precautions are taken and certain steps are met.

What Causes Soil Erosion and How to Stop It

Soil erosion is caused in nature primarily by water and wind, and these are two contributors that will constantly impact the condition of the soil. Running water is the biggest contributor to soil erosion as it is a powerful force that is frequently recurring. Wind also contributes by picking up soil and moving it around.

These are naturally occurring forces that no one can prevent, but there are human practices that contribute to soil erosion that one should be aware of. Agriculture is a significant contributor to soil erosion. Farmers will take out vegetation that is native to the land and substitute it, which reshapes the complexion of the area. Tractors also create grooves that are the perfect waterways for running water, which as mentioned, is a big reason for soil erosion. Other human activities like construction and logging are liable to erode the soil.

Some steps can be taken to prevent soil erosion. Planting trees and plants helps reduce erosion naturally. Soil that is high in organic matter is more resistant to erosion as the impact of water is lessened due to the plant cover, so the soil is less easily dislodged and moved.

Other steps can be taken to reduce soil erosion. Diverting stormwater, using erosion fences, and putting erosion control blankets on top of the soil will all help prevent erosion.

What are the Risks of Soil Erosion

When soil erodes, the land becomes less fertile. This makes agriculture and gardening much more difficult in an area. Lands with eroded soil are also much less capable of handling water, which leads to an increase in flooding. It also leads to an increase in pollution and sedimentation in rivers, ponds, and streams, which dangerously affects ecosystems by harming aquatic life, which impacts the whole food chain. Overall, it negatively impacts natural and manmade environments by reducing the viability of soil and making areas more prone to disaster.

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