Bob Mahoney Excavating Inc.’s Full-Service Offering

If you are in the Southern Wisconsin or McHenry, Lake, Boone, and Northern Cook County areas Illinois and are looking for an experienced company to handle excavation, land clearing, or demolition jobs, Bob Mahoney Excavating Inc. is the company for you. Bob Mahoney Excavating is a company that has decades of experience in these industries and is the perfect company to handle a wide variety of heavy-duty tasks. Bob Mahoney Excavating works with clients of all sizes, providing top-notch service that will leave you satisfied.


Whether you need a job done for residential property, commercial property, or industrial property, Bob Mahoney is capable of handling the task. We’ve worked with clients and properties with a wide range of sizes, and we have a tireless devotion to our customers. Whether you’re looking for a massive industrial project or a small residential one, we have the tools and the know-how to handle it.


Not only do we offer to cater to clients of all sizes, but we also provide different services that meet varying needs. We provide demolition, land clearing, and excavation services. Whether you are looking for one of these services, or all three, Bob Mahoney Excavating is the company to handle it.

With demolition, we will level your commercial, industrial, or residential property in a way that is safe and effective. We have high-quality machinery that is equipped to handle demolition jobs of all sizes, and our fully insured company reduces your liability.

Our land clearing service will help you remove obstacles to construction, or just clean up an area that has a lot of debris. Land clearing is important if you have just demolished a property, or you are looking to develop on a parcel of land with a lot of natural hindrances.

Bob Mahoney Excavating Inc.’s excavation service will safely dig a large hole, allowing you to get the foundation for your property built. Excavation services are a necessary step in the construction process, so whether you’re building a home, a restaurant, or a factory, excavation is an important step.


Bob Mahoney Excavating Inc. has over two decades of happy customers behind us, and we look forward to creating some more. We provide a team of experts in demolition, land clearing, and excavation, all of who are capable of using highly specialized machinery. Our team values customer service extremely highly and has the necessary know-how to take on any task you need

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