Professional Services Provided by Bob Mahoney Excavating Inc.

If you need to dig on your property, caution is most assuredly advised, no matter the scope of the work you are doing. Many dangers can come from inexperienced workers digging on your property. They can create structurally unstable holes, and they can damage underground elements like pipes or lines. That’s why if you need excavation work done, it’s best to go to the professionals. But the best professionals provide services that go beyond just digging big holes.

If you’re looking for a team that is going to provide top-quality, expert caliber services, look no further than Bob Mahoney Excavating Inc. While excavation is a big part of what we do, we offer multiple different services that can make even the biggest of projects run smoothly and effectively. Here are some of the great services offered by Bob Mahoney Excavating:


Excavation companies can dig holes of varying sizes with their specialized machinery. The reason for digging these holes is for a new home foundation, swimming pool and more. Oftentimes there needs to be work done underground. There are also needs for small trenches if builders are trying to create utility lines or new walls.

Excavation companies should also be responsible for clearing out the after-effects of the excavation. Bob Mahoney Excavating Inc. makes sure that we remove the dirt that we excavate and replace it so that homeowners aren’t left with a large mess on their hands.

Hiring professionals for excavation jobs is essential, not just because of the vast amount of experience they offer. Professionals are capable of handling different obstacles they might face, like different types of soil, rock, or sand. They also handle risk better, because excavation can be a dangerous task.

Professionals like Bob Mahoney Excavating Inc. have the tools and the experience necessary to do this job safely and effectively. Excavation is a big task that requires know-how and specialized machinery, and Bob Mahoney Excavating has both of these in spades. Don’t take risks with such an important job, and work with the pros.


Sometimes to create something new, you’ve got to get rid of the old. A vital service that our excavation company offers is demolition services, where we clear existing buildings on the property or other obstacles on the property that can get in the way of the building, providing you with a project-ready site.

Re-purposing some of the heavy-duty machinery used for excavation is a simple way to demolish buildings, and clean up the debris caused by the demolition. These machines are capable of leveling walls and structures, as they’re high-powered and effective.

Demolition allows you to get a clean slate for a new potential residential or commercial project, but once again, it is not a job for those without extensive industry experience.


Land clearing is an important step in site preparation. Getting rid of obstructions on the land, so that a hole can be dug and a foundation built is essential to making sure you have a safe site to build on. Some of the things you might need to be cleared from your land include rocks, debris, pipes, or large vegetation like trees and bushes.

Even if you’re not building on a site, land clearing might be necessary. If there’s a natural disaster like a storm or tornado, you’re going to need the debris and damage cleared to maximize your use of your property. Land clearing can also prevent the risk of a brush fire on the property.

If you want your site for your next project to be usable and safe, an excavation company is a must. Bob Mahoney Excavation has all the necessary tools and experience to efficiently clear your land of any obstacles that might prevent your land’s grounds from being maximized. Whether you’re starting a new project, or simply want your property cleared after some type of destructive event, Bob Mahoney Excavation is the team to help.

More Than Just Excavation Services

There’s more to Bob Mahoney Excavating Inc. than just excavation. Our team is experienced in a variety of services that help you maximize the use of your property. With excavation, demolition, and land clearing services, Bob Mahoney helps property owners develop safely and effectively. Our team of seasoned professionals provides top-notch customer service and cutting-edge industry machinery, so you can rest assured the job gets done right.

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