Bob Mahoney Discusses Why Foundation Excavation Is Not a DIY Job

The most important part of any building or structure is its foundation. This is the element that provides a structure of stability and strength and is responsible for holding it in place.

There are many types of projects for which a person can ask themselves, “Can I save money by just doing it myself?” With the number of internet resources available today, you can find detailed guides and videos on just about any project, and then “give it a try.”

However, foundation excavation is just one of those things. It’s always best to hire an experienced and reliable construction site development specialist, like Bob Mahoney Excavating, when it comes to something as critical as foundation excavation. Here’s why.

What Does the Foundation Excavation Process Entail?

Foundation excavation is not as simple as just digging a large hole in the ground. It requires a special set of technical skills and deep knowledge of the soil conditions. Moreover, there are various prerequisites that you have to take care of before you can proceed to the actual excavation itself. These include land clearing and grading.

Then, you’ll need to have the right excavation equipment. Depending on the project’s size and specifications, these can include excavators, loaders, and diggers. Last but not least, it takes accurate leveling, precise measurements, and construction of footings and framings.

Here at Bob Mahoney Excavating, we have the skills, equipment, and experience to handle all types of commercial and residential excavation projects.

Foundation Excavation: Why It’s Not a DIY Job

Laying a foundation that won’t compromise the structure and will last isn’t an easy task. Here are some problems that are bound to crop up if you take the DIY route:

  • Procuring all the machines and equipment required to dig the trenches correctly and to the right depth
  • Building the braces that hold the trench walls back and prevent them from collapsing
  • Determining where the underground utility lines are
  • Getting insurance to cover for potential mishaps or accidents that lead to property damage or injuries
  • Getting the relevant permits and NOCs

The experts at Bob Mahoney Excavating have the skills and the experience to avoid mistakes that can lead to serious structural integrity issues like:

  • Voids
  • Loose soil
  • Concrete that cures prematurely


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