3 Reasons Why Land Grading is a Job for Professionals

Although it’s a critical component of the construction site preparation process, land grading is often the step that gets the least attention. However, there’s no question that proper land grading is essential to the longevity of a construction project, and not doing it right or skipping it altogether can create issues that last as long as the structure stands.

Land grading is carried out after excavation work has been completed. It involves taking dirt from higher areas and using it to fill in the lower spots. Depending on the specifications of the project, it can either be a slope or a plain. The purpose of land grading is to achieve a smooth, level landscape without any variations.

Over the course of this blog post, we’ll list some reasons why land grading is a job that should only be handled by a professional contractor.

Water Drainage

Land grading plays a vital role in ensuring the construction project has proper water drainage. Without proper land grading, rainwater will not drain away from the property, and may even be directed towards the site. This would lead to water accumulating around the base of the structure, which can have disastrous consequences, such as interior flooding and/or foundation damage.

Soil Erosion

As we discussed above, the land grading procedure involves taking soil from one area of the property and moving it to another, thus creating the gradient necessary to drive water runoff towards a stream, sewer, or another desired location.

However, if the slope’s shape isn’t calculated properly, it will lead to the soil eroding over time. Professional land grading contractors know which steps need to be taken to prevent potential soil erosion from rainwater.

Heavy Lifting

Land grading isn’t just about moving soil around a construction site. In many cases, land grading also involves relocating large rocks and boulders. This is where professional land grading contractors come in. They have the expertise and the specialized machinery to haul away large rocks and boulders quickly, safely, and efficiently.


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